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Wealth Creation

Scifo Estate Planning has developed a number of wealth creation strategies that respect the age of our clients. When discussing these strategies with our clientele, we are often heard saying "the older you are the better it gets". Many of our strategies build wealth faster the more senior the client is. The basic premise of these strategies is to put 'dormant principal' to work for you.

Dormant principal is money you have in investment vehicles making a minimum return. For example, IRA or retirement money for which you are only withdrawing the minimum allowed by law if any at all, or municipal bond that you have been rolling over year after year.

Your present strategies have worked for you till now as they were supposed to. While many of your investment strategies were appropriate and worked well for you when you were younger, there are most likely better strategies that take advantage of your age and can greatly increase the net return to you and your estate.

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