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Ron Puente of Yonkers, NY

I've been to 4 different seminars -this process took me over a year - I didn't do this overnight. I had the luxury of shopping around. Ultimately, I chose Scifo because they are very forthright, very clear and concise. Scifo spent a considerable amount of time getting to know me and my children

I have a Living Trust and we drafted it to protect my children. We even went farther to protect any future grandchildren. They also provided an Irrevocable Trust. While it took a long time to draw these plans up- around 10-15 visits - they really took the time to explain everything, and gave me assignments to read and then come back and discuss. We spoke about our family and our lifestyles, our children and their lifestyles - they took a lot of time. The estate planners I had spoken with previously? It was instant service - 'here's your binder, and get out of here.'

For people that have no idea what estate planning is: You are going to see what you're worth, what would happen to your money if you died today, who would get what… You're going to enjoy some tax benefits and you are going to leave your family in a place that they don't have to worry, and all goes smoothly after you die. It's not about me - you understand? It's about the people you have left behind. Scifo Estate Planning did that for me 100% and they continue to do it. They put together another trust for my daughters and they enjoy tax benefits - it's a nice little vehicle to protect your kids. The laws are written and are there to take advantage of and Scifo is the vehicle to get you there.

The Scifo professionals are very soothing and highly intelligent. I have recommended them to family and friends without reservation. I trust Scifo implicitly and I won't be here when it all goes into play so my children know everything and know the person to call would be Scifo Estate Planning. Scifo will take care of them as far as I'm concerned. I'm putting my wife and kids into their hands and they will make sure we do the right thing.


Susan Ferraro, Esq. of Bayonne, NJ

After hearing an advertisement for a Scifo Estate Planning seminar, I decided to attend just to check it out. As an attorney and the daughter of parents in need of proper estate planning, I had both a professional and personal interest in see what they offered. I came away very impressed with their knowledge and experience and immediately arranged a consultation appointment with my parents. It only took that one meeting for John to gain my father's trust and respect, which is not that easy to do.

From there, we began the estate planning process with Scifo and they helped my parents to take advantage of tax laws and save a considerable amount of money. The process became a full family affair, involving both of my parents and my four siblings, as we set up a Living Trust and Family Limited Partnership for my parents, as well as Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts for me and each of my siblings. The process resulted in a great amount of financial security for our entire family for generations to come.

Looking back on the process, I am still impressed by the amount of time that was spent with our family, not only reviewing finances, but getting to know us. That to me was the most important element of the process, demonstrating genuine care and concern for our family's well-being. It is obvious that the people of Scifo take great pride in their work and truly care about fulfilling their client's needs and wants."

To this day, I maintain a personal and professional relationship with Scifo Estate Planning and I often refer friends and colleagues over to them, which is something that I typically do not do.


George Fedoriw of Richmond Hill, NY

I went to several seminars. I ended up choosing Scifo Estate Planning because I have to provide for myself and my family-I knew I wanted to be protected from paying further taxes, and set up a corporation and a limited partnership. It's obvious why I would want a living trust - to protect my money. The people at Scifo are really open-minded - and they are experts - they know all about estate planning and protecting my money for my future and my family's future.

Scifo brought up many points that others didn't bring up. For me, they implemented a Living Trust, a Limited Partnership, and a Family Foundation and set up pension plans and long term care for my corporation. Some estate planners - you sit around for an hour and you are ready to put a blanket over your head and fall asleep. With Scifo, you are trying to catch every word they say.


Melvyn and Frances Schwartz of Merrick, NY

As a self-professed cynic, I was very pleasantly surprised to find out just how knowledgeable and patient John Scifo was. My husband and I attended one of the Scifo Estate Planning seminars after already having been to a few seminars by other so-called estate planners that just seemed like they wanted to push insurance or make a fast sale. We attended John's seminar and it was very apparent that he not only knew what he was talking about, but that he cared about what he was talking about. We instantly signed up with John to begin the process of arranging a Living Trust and Family Limited Partnership.

The estate planning process with him lasted about nine months. We were never rushed or forced into anything we didn't want to do. No decisions were made on anything until he made certain we understood everything that was presented.

The time we spent creating our estate plan was an amazing learning experience for us and for our entire family. During the course of the nine months, John met all of our children and our seven grandchildren, answering all of their questions and making us feel fully assured that our family and our grandchildren's families were financially secured for many years to come


Thomas Aldrich of Yorktown Heights, NY

Scifo is a company that truly cares about their clients - they don't forget about you. When you work with them, they sort of join your family.

My father had trusts in place for which he used Scifo. I then had subsequent planning needs for my estate - that's how I was introduced to the people at Scifo. They are very knowledgeable and very personable. They truly care about their clients and that's important.

We were working with Scifo a while back and they were coming out to our house when my father was dying of cancer. That was the foundation for a very strong relationship with Scifo. My father died 7 years ago and that got things rolling for me to go forward. The Aldrich family as a whole set up a Family Limited Partnership (FLP), which includes my brother, my mother, and me. We have also life insurance and annuities.

Scifo educated me so I can understand some of the newer, more complicated things like a Second to Die Life Insurance policy. It's a great tool for estate planning that provides a very good payout on death. The benefit to me is lower premiums for a higher payout, and the insurance payout is used to pay off estate taxes. The Family Limited Partnership is a sophisticated tool. We needed to be educated and understand how it would affect the estate and the benefits it provided. Scifo spent the time necessary to enable us to understand it, so that we felt comfortable moving ahead. They have the ability to take a complex subject and explain it so that it is easily understood.


Ray & Hetri Totaram of Courtlandt Manor, NY

We greatly appreciate the accessibility and after care provided by everyone at Scifo. Any questions I have ever had, someone's always there to help me. I knew going in that the estate planning process was a very involved and complicated process, but they are very helpful in explaining it all. They always take the time to explain the complex issues of each instrument. I truly appreciated the personal attention they provided throughout the process.

We've been with him for 4 or 5 years now. We looked at other estate planners but chose Scifo because we had a good instinct about them - we had gone to several seminars. We felt at ease with them.

Any other person that has helped us, like an attorney, if I can't get in touch with them-someone at Scifo connects me, so they are very service-oriented. We started out with a Living Trust and then implemented a Family Limited Partnership, because we wanted to be protected against liability, since we are in Real Estate. One of the main reasons we undertook this process was to make sure that we took care of our children in the best way we could and to save money on taxes. We have not been disappointed. In fact, I have recommended Scifo to both my brothers who are now clients of Scifo.


Henry H. of Florida

The Estate Planning industry is competitive. I went to many meetings and I determined Scifo Estate Planning is the best informed to do what's best for me, and my family. I looked into Estate Planning to preserve the capital in my estate, which were the efforts of my hard work and I wanted to control my estate while I was alive and why my family was changing.

We have several varieties of trusts. I chose a Living Trust to preserve my assets, but yet allow me to maintain control over them. I also have a Real Estate Trust, with the help of Scifo. Everything went so well that I had them set up a trust for my wife's aunt. I also recommended my daughter and her husband to Scifo. In this business it is so hard to find someone you can trust, so when you do you want to spread the word and help out as many people as you can.

I was concerned by many of the presentations given on Estate Planning. I listened to at least 10 or 12 presentations by other planners, both here in Florida and in the New York/Connecticut area. I thought these other seminars were selling more than providing the advice I was after, and I wasn't interested in people investing my money - I handle that separately. I was looking strictly for Estate Planning advice. Scifo's seminar, through the use of examples and actual cases, proved to me they could single in on that. I do trust them and the charges for their services were also quite reasonable.


Charles and Frances Doering of Manhasset, NY

The estate planning process with John Scifo and Scifo Estate Planning was a very satisfying experience. We were amazed with how much time he spent with us, never moving on until he was certain we were absolutely clear on everything he had explained to us. He clarified all of the complex terminologies that were presented to us and illustrated every technique with realistic examples and numbers. Throughout the process, we always learned something new and we were always presented with choices, rather than being led down only one path. We greatly appreciated the individualized attention he afforded us during all of our many meetings.

We are very happy to say that in addition to learning a great deal about wills and estates, we also nearly tripled the value of our estate, which was a very nice and welcomed surprise. In the end, we came away with so much more than we could have ever expected. If I had to rate the quality of service we received from him on a scale of 1 - 10, I would give him a 12.


Ralph Sabatini of New City, NY

John Scifo was very good to work with and always took the time to explain everything to us throughout the process, making sure he only offered us what was necessary. Other planners and attorneys that we spoke with in the past always tried to sell us on drafting a will, when we most wanted to set up a Living Trust. John spent a great deal of time with us over the course of seven or eight meetings and developed clear understanding of our needs. The whole process was actually made very easy for us and John was always very patient and pleasant. He helped us to draw up a Living Trust that satisfied and exceeded all of our needs, and moreover, he also discovered inconsistencies with the life insurance plans we had, rationalizing our insurance plans and saving us a lot of money, while increasing the value of our policies. It would be impossible to call the end results nothing short of a success

Our whole experience with Scifo Estate Planning was a great experience. We came away very secure in the knowledge that our family was taken care of and that we would have nothing to worry about. We have already recommended Scifo Estate Planning to two of our friends and will continue to recommend them.


Norton Morgenthal of Boynton Beach, FL

Living Trusts are very important because they protect you in relation to your health and wealth. More important than dying insurance is living insurance - by having these trusts, you avoid paying taxes and you can pass your assets onto your children and your grandchildren, protecting them as well. Scifo Estate Planning works with you to protect your assets. Why not pass what you've made onto your children?

They are unique and people beat a path to their door - they explain estate planning in a way that you can understand and they hold the confidence of each of us. The company does a magnificent job for the rich, the wealthy and the middle class.

Scifo has helped me plan my estate both from the investment side and insurance side. One out of every 2 people will need some kind of nursing care and assisted living - that's how real it is. People don't plan to fail, they fail to plan.


Dorothy Aldrich of Millbrook, NY

Scifo has done everything we could possibly want them to do - everyone there is very helpful. Our entire family has been very satisfied with the company. Scifo has saved us a great deal on taxes - and set us up with a variety of Trusts. We've been dealing with them for 9 years now and they know an awful lot. I have even felt comfortable enough to recommend them to my doctor.

It's been a pleasant relationship. Scifo knows all the ins and outs of how to handle our money and they have been very clear in explaining each detail to us. They even introduced us to a CPA as well as a financial planner. Overall, they have been a tremendous resource for us.


Saul Rubin of Flushing, NY

I knew it was very important to have a living trust to provide for my beneficiaries. That was the main reason I ended up choosing Scifo. I knew quickly after meeting with them that all my affairs would be in order if anything happened to me.

Because of their estate planning process – I feel secure in my present situation financially. Scifo is very attentive to my needs and very personable, giving me all the time I needed. They set me up in an immediate annuity, which has helped me a great deal financially – it provides a very nice income.