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Who is Scifo Legacy Planning?

Scifo Legacy Planning Corporation (SLP) has redefined estate planning, maintaining a position that relationship building and trust are essential components for safeguarding our client's assets. SLP's unique strategy begins with the translation of complex estate planning terminology into terms our clients readily comprehend, and can work with. A partnership with our client is created and a customized plan is developed that addresses specific long-term personal goals to enhance their wealth, while protecting their families. Whatever the client's goals may be, the estate planning experts of SLP create an estate plan that is flexible, practical, and consistent with the degree of their wealth, while also being compatible with the maturity and needs of their family. This unique approach has resulted in protecting our clients from unnecessary taxes and liability for nearly 20 years, keeping the client's wealth where it should remain, with their family.

Estate Planning is a vital step in securing a family's future. The professionals at Scifo Legacy Planning Corporation redefine this process by looking at estate planning from a holistic financial strategy perspective and devoting an unmatched level of personal attention and service to each of our clients.

SLP's advanced methodologies and insights reveal unique opportunities to protect our client's estates from unnecessary taxes and to make certain our client's well-earned money goes precisely where they want it: to their family, for generations to come.